Pirate King is a mobile casino game that involves strategy and wheel spin. It can be installed on android and iOs. If you would like to learn more about playing mobile games, you can look through freespins-casino.digital/

How to play Pirate King

Pirate king is a simple strategy game that involves building a team and attacking other ships to level up. For each new level, you are given extra bonuses to help you in the next level.

You also get to spin a wheel to claim certain bonus. This result from the wheel is randomized and based on luck. You need the wins from the wheel to get a better playing chance

  • Wins from the wheel include
  • Coins
  • Upgrade

Where to get free spins.

To spin the wheel, you need to sacrifice some coins. However, this does not guarantee that you will win anything from the wheel. With this, there are opportunities to get free spins for the wheel

When you have some free spins, you can spin the wheel with the free spin without spending your coin. Usually, free spins are offered when you level up or when you meet a requirement

Third party free spin source

Apart from the games, you can get free spin from third party sources. These sources are usually blogs that have found a vulnerability in the game architecture. They exploit these vulnerabilities and give free spins to their users.

Another way to get free spin is by hack applications. There are some applications that has been created to hack the game and give free spins. You will need to install these applications on your phone.

  • Other ways include
  • Waiting for the daily free spin.

Phone Requirement for Pirate King

To play Pirate king, you need an android or iOs device. Also, the mobile device must have at least 100 RAM to spare to process the game. Some aspects of the game requires you to have internet access.

You should also check to see if the game lags on your phone. After downloading and installing on your device, be sure to follow the update notifications to have the latest version of the game on your phone.

  • You can always check for updates at the app store

Final thoughts on Pirate King

Pirate King is an interesting mobile game that can be installed on android and desktop devices. The game features unique graphical features and interesting gameplay. Technically, you are required to complete certain tasks to level up.

You also get to win different bonuses when you spin the wheel but you will need to sacrifice a few coins. You can claim a free spins to spin the wheeland keep your coins.